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The tangsel news reader or user becomes more autonomous in determining which information he needs. Online media such tangsel news provides an opportunity for every reader to only retrieve information that is relevant to her, and delete information she does not need. So selectivity information and sensors are in the user’s hands (self control).

The tangsel news information contained can be said without limit because supported by data storage media that exist in computer server and global system. The tangsel news information provided will remain stored, and can be added at any time, and readers can search with search engines.

Any data and information presented by tangsel news may be linked to other sources that are also related to the information, or linked to the data bank owned by the media or from external sources. This tangsel news hyperlink character also allows users to connect with other users when logging into an online media tangsel news site and using the same facilities in the media, for example in a chatroom, via e-mail or games.