Computer Data Storage Media

Data Storage Media is a data storage device that serves as a tool/media to store data and programs where data / stored programs can be read and reopened for re-processing on a computer or laptop. Media Storage Computers have a variety of media, but in computer storage device only has 3 categories of data storage media only as follows Magnetic Storage Media (Media Magnetic Storage), Optical Storage Media (Optical Disk), Cloud Storage Media (Cloud Storage). Magnetic Disk is the most common secondary storage device in modern computer systems. When the disk is in use, the motor drive rotates at a very high speed. There is a read-write head placed above the surface of the disc. The disk surface is divided into several tracks that are still divided into several sectors. Instead of storing in Magnetic Disk, you’d better keep it in Oracle. Oracle is a data storage commonly used to data storage a lot of data by people, especially for work matters.

Cloud Storage or cloud computing is a data storage medium that can be accessed anywhere, anytime by its users through an integrated and synchronized network intermediate through the internet. And of course, the file is on the computer where you create a cloud storage account one of which is Oracle. Understanding Oracle data recovery advisor is very complex and helpful if you have experts to take you through it. This is just the end of the spa era because Oracle data recovery advisors have other components such as automatic and manual fix protocols, Oracle data guards, failure validation and more. Here are the kinds of products of magnetic disk computers that we often encounter Harddisk is the main media storage of various data and computer programs. Harddisk able to accommodate the data in a very large amount of high access speed. Hard drives are non-volatile. External Harddisk is a storage media as well as Flashdisk that uses USB connector media The size is thinner than the harddisk Computer, its capacity equal to the amount of rich internal hard drive that can be used where good computer or laptop. Stay rich plug Flashdisk.