Now Ice skates sport available in all country

Want to feel the sensation of winter but in a tropical country? Now you can enjoy it in your country. Fortropical residents, ice rides are now available in the city a, Ice skating called synthetic ice rink is a rides game provided synthetic ice rink special on the 3rd floor, located in the area. Ice skating synthetic ice rink material used is a synthetic medium of iced pan from Spain with a box diameter board 1 square meter. However, we will still feel the sensation of cold enough temperature coupled with snow ornaments that make the atmosphere like in the snow. So when playing ice skating visitors seemed like sliding on the ice field.

After paying, we will pair the ticket of the bracelet as a sign of entry. Very easy morning attendant to distinguish which visitors and what not. Visitors of synthetic ice rinkwill also stay comfortable and safe for ice skating. For visitors entering the rides are provided ice skating equipment, such as ice skating shoes, helmets, elbow spikes, knee pads, and other safeguards. Supervisors and instructors are also always on guard to teach the basics of ice skating in synthetic ice rink.