Who is eligible for landlord insurance?

Can landlords insurance become your solution when it comes to protecting your property? Do you often rent a home for both short and long-term renting cycle? Someone is eligible for this insurance if he or she is a landlord of the short-term rental, multiple rental properties, or a vacation home.

As most of you know, the liability insurance protects your financial assets in case someones file a lawsuit against you to get the compensation for the damage. In fact, landlord insurance cost more than homeowners insurance. Some of you might wonder why while other don’t care about it and keep continuing their plan to have such this insurance type. Don’t you know? Most policies or landlord insurance cost about 25% more than standard homeowner policy. Generally speaking, a landlord needs more protection because you could increase the damage risk when renting your property to tenants. Come to us although you just mean to gather information, not making an insurance coverage purchase.