Possible Complications and Risks of Chin implants

The procedure of chin implants, like other types of surgical procedures, has the possibility of risk and complications. Infection, especially from chin implants, is one of the major complications. Most surgeons advise patients not to use implants taken from their own bones, as this poses the highest infection risk. Visit plastic surgeon San Diego CA and get the right and safe treatment.

Chin implants are generally safe, but patients should be aware of the following:

– Side effects of anaesthesia
– Damage to the nerves, which can cause numbness in the chin area
– Incorrect placement of the implant

After the procedure is complete, the patient is allowed to go home, but the surgeon will provide some guidance for post-procedure care. Patients should avoid milk and acidic foods for several days, and should be sure to use disinfectant on the incisions (especially those made inside the patient’s mouth) to prevent infection. The patient should also refrain from chewing hard foods, laugh, and talk a few days after the procedure. Particular care should be taken when brushing teeth to prevent open seams. The stitches are usually removed one or two weeks after surgery, and the patient should not wash the chin before the stitches are removed.